Heil og sael!

It’s been over a week since our Cubs Viking camp at the log cabin and we’ve just about recovered from the excitement of it all – although the tents haven’t, they’re taking forever to dry out! It sounds like everyone had  a blast and we really appreciate the positive feedback coming through on Facebook. Everyone’s already suggesting themes for next time!


Festivities kicked off on Friday evening for the young Vikings with raucous chants for clans Bear Foot, Crow’s Eye and Wolf Claw. This was followed by braiding of clan arm bands and some good ol’ hot chocolate to keep us all cosy as Autumn well and truly descended after a nice warm September. Apparently we hadn’t quite managed to keep Odin happy though, as we had more rain overnight than I’d ever seen on Cub camp!! The tents (pretty much) stood strong, as did the brave young Vikings. One group of girls had the misfortune of waking to a small lake in their porch, but not to be deterred they asked for help fixing the situation without a hint of fuss or complaint. We were so impressed with their maturity, I don’t know many adults who would have handled the situation half as well as they did!

After the overnight downpour Saturday’s rain was fortunately less torrential. Activities commenced as the vikings wrapped up warm for a morning of archery, woad face painting (shout out to Crow’s Eye’s excellent matching designs) and shield making. Congratulations to Hazel for an amazing score of 15 in the archery, winning valuable points for clan Bear Foot. The action kept coming in the afternoon with brass knife and clay pot making followed by wide games to capture the mighty Mjolnir (which I’m proud to say Wolf Claw won convincingly). We still couldn’t tire them out – possibly in part down to the “mead” which may have had a biiiit too much sugar!!

After a classic Scandinavian dinner of meatballs, Hiccup and Agatha provided the evening’s entertainment with songs and games around the campfire. By this point we’d finally won the battle against their relentless energy and they willingly headed to bed exhausted.


Sunday morning gave us beautiful sunshine and copious amounts of cooked breakfast – there are worse ways to start the day! Unfortunately Sunday morning did mean camp was drawing to a close so it was all hands on deck to pack kit and drop the tents. We still found time to sneak in some noisy cup games (which some of the more tired leaders didn’t especially enjoy!), a go on the blind trail and of course lunch for the road. There was just about time to congratulate the fantastic (I’m definitely not biased, honest) Wolf Claw for winning the very close competition across the weekend for best clan, and then it was the short trip home for our tired young vikings!


I think Molly summed it up best by asking her parents which way the world goes around, so she could spin herself around the correct way to make time go backwards so she could do the camp all over again! If only it worked like that I’m sure there’d be plenty of us spinning with you Molly!

And finally a massive thank you to all the leaders who gave up their weekend to put on such an amazing camp, as well as our excellent young leaders Joe and Rhys who already have most of the cubs looking up to them. And last but by no means least, thank you to the cubs who came along with all their viking garb and enthusiasm – it’s much easier to pull off a great cub camp when you have such a fantastic group of young people, it really was a pleasure!



Gunnar, Wolf Claw Clan Chief