In Scouting we record and store personal and sensitive information relating to yourself and your child(-ren) as part of our membership records. The membership records enable us – leaders and members of the executive commission- to contact you by phone, email or surface mail. We also need to know data such as your child’ data-of-birth to plan which section they should attend. All of the data we collect is covered under the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation. You can read more about your rights under GDPR on the Information Commission Office (ICO) website.

  • What information is being collected?

We record the data you provide on the membership form: your address, contact details, your child’s name and Date of Birth and any information we should be aware of when your child is under our care. We also ask if we may claim a tax rebate on your membership fees and if you object to sharing images that may show child.

  • Who is collecting it?

The Group Secretary records and maintains all membership records in an encrypted database. Parent contact details are stored and shared in our cloud solution that can only accessed by leaders and members of the executive team that hold an account.

  • How is it collected?

The hard copy form is recorded on a database and the signed forms stored by the group secretary.

  • Why is it being collected?

Your child(-ren) have joined a membership organisation that charges for its membership. Leaders and Executive team members have a duty of care to minors during the activities we offer. We need to be able to contact you.

  • How will it be used?

We need to regularly contact you by email or post to make you aware of planned activities. In emergencies we will use the telephone numbers you provided to inform you of the situation. We will use the date-of-birth to ensure your child is or will be attending the correct section. Any health information will inform leaders to assess if a planned activity is suitable for your child. Your data will be deleted when your child(-ren) leave our group.

  • Who will it be shared with?

We will use share some data with our parent organisation, Scouts UK.

  • What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

We want to ensure that we are inclusive to all our members and safe in the activities we offer.

  • What if you object or complain to the use of this data?

Please contact the group secretary by email to discuss your concerns. We are all volunteers, but strive hard to understand and comply with the GDPR legislation.

You can download our full  GDPR – notice Penparcau scouts