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22 Oct 2017

After a fresh start on Tanybwlch beach, scouts and explorers set off south this year towards Aberaeron. Where we started with a grey drizzly morning in Aber, we ended up eating honeycomb ice cream in sunshine at Aber.
This year was slightly different because our cubs and beavers (plus parents) joined us at Llanrhystyd to walk to Aberaeron. Since there was daylight left as well as a bit left ‘in the tank’ our explorers pushed on and finished in New Quay.  A total of 24 miles (38 km) ! and not …

30 Jan 2016

Hope you all like the look of the new site. Over the coming months we’ll do our best to update more content and make it a place to ‘check in’ regularly. If you are not yet a subscriber then please click the “plus” button on right –> and subscribe to see more.
We also have a new email system now; if you want to direct an email to cub leaders you simply write one to There is one for scoutleaders, explorerleaders…….. you get it!
I you have any ideas …

19 Jan 2016

Hope you all like our plans
Winter_Spring 16 Programme



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